To try to combat the problem of impure water consumption which affects 17.3% of the population in Brazil, that does not receive water through supply network (Source: SNIS 2012), Procter & Gamble developed an innovative social product called P & G Sachet which has just come to Brazil and will be initially distributed in the Jequitinhonha Valley, one of the poorest regions of Brazil, through logistic partnership with Wal-Mart, in addition to the partnership with over 140 partner organizations that are involved in the program, including CARE, PSI, Save the Children, World Vision and ChildFund.

The P & G Sachet consists of a low-cost technology presented in a sachet of 4 grams, which is able to turn 10 liters of contaminated water in 10 liters of drinking water, free of solid waste and impurities. The product meets the standards of the World Health Organization and is valid for two years in Brazil.

The P & G Sachet was developed in the late 1990s by scientists at P & G in Newcastle, UK, in partnership with the US Disease Control Center and is a unique technology of the company, easy handling, storage and use. It is a social product that will not be sold and is part of the main action of social responsibility of P & G, the Pure Water Program for Children. “P & G’s mission is to improve the lives of people today and for future generations and for us is unacceptable to see children and adults suffering from a lack of drinking water. So we actuate worldwide with the program and our unique product, P & G Sachet, which will be distributed to those who suffer from this problem, “said Alberto Carvalho, president of P & G Brazil.
To purify water, the contents of P & G Sachet should be dumped into a container with 10 liters of non-potable water. Then you have to stir the mixture for 5 minutes and wait another 5 minutes for dirt settle. Then, the water should be passed through a filter, which may even be a simple clean cotton shirt. Finally, one should wait for 20 minutes for the bactericidal  of the product make effect and  that is all. In 30 minutes muddy or contaminated water turns into clean water for consumption.

“With this, we expect to reduce in the  region the incidence of diseases  transmitted  due to the ingestion of contaminated water,” says Juliana Gattaz, Communications Manager, Sustainability and Social Responsibility P & G.

The first action of Pure Water Program for Children in Brazil, in Jequitinhonha Valley enlisted the help of employees of P & G who volunteered to participate in the program and will help in efforts to disseminate and engagement of leaders in the project.

By 2015, the goal is to provide 22 million liters of drinking water in Brazil. Another partner of P & G in this program is the Rai carrier, which will store the stock P & G Sachet in Brazil.
Until now, the P & G sachet has been distributed in more than 75 countries, and with the 7.8 billion of purified water provided by the program are avoided over 325 million days of illness and 43 thousand deaths as a result of drinking contaminated water, being mostly children.