P & G inaugurated its Innovation Center for Latin America, the first in Brazil. The Center was located in Caracas, Venezuela, which was closed with the country’s socio-political-economic crisis and specialized labor brought to the country to attend the new Center, located in the city of Louveira, in the state of São Paulo.

Dedicated to Research & Development of products for the whole region, besides rising countries like Russia, the new Center received investments of R $ 200 million and houses researches for the care units for babies, beauty, home and hygiene, feminine and oral with the objective of developing products, packaging and production processes increasingly sustainable.

It will also focus on consumer surveys, ranging from focus groups to virtual reality sessions, through sensory and biometric studies. The space will also serve to launch products on the market, support current and future business, capacity development and innovation for integral customer management.

“The inauguration of the Innovation Center shows how much P & G continues to believe in our country and the size of the importance that Brazilian consumers have for the company globally. Our trajectory is marked by pioneering and this launch will strengthen our capacity for innovation, “said Juliana Azevedo, P & G Brasil President at the inauguration, which was attended by the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, among other authorities and professionals of the company.

According to P & G’s global leader in Research, Development and Innovation Kathy Fish, who came to Brazil especially for the inauguration, the space is an installation that reinforces the importance of technology and innovation for the company. “In this installation we will create innovation for Latin American consumers and around the world, inspired by the creativity, diversity and expertise of Latin American talent”, reinforces the executive.

For this, P & G has a team of 150 scientists from more than 10 nationalities. They will be responsible for hearing, experiencing and understanding everything about the Latin American consumer so that P & G continues to deliver tailored solutions tailored to the needs, habits and characteristics of different families.

Brazil is the eighth country to receive a P & G Innovation Center, with 14 centers worldwide. His choice was made by P & G Global after analyzing strategic advantages for the company, which include, among other things, being the 3rd largest market for the categories P & G operates, high technical talent, growth potential and adequate infrastructure.

“In order to make a decision on where to build the innovation center we have done what we always do – we have been listening to our consumers. And Brazilians are so diverse and demanding that we can replicate learning from here to other countries. To have an idea, Brazil has the highest frequency in tooth brushing, use of conditioner and deodorants. We are sure that Brazil is the right choice to boost our growth, “said Juan Fernando Posada, President of P & G for Latin America.

The choice of the city of Louveira was mainly due to the strong competitive advantage for P & G. In addition to the privileged geographic position, it facilitates transportation and with direct connection to some of the most important road networks of the State. Louveira also houses one of the four P & G plants in Brazil, as well as a Distribution Center, bringing together the entire product development chain.

Much of P & G’s investment in the Innovation Center was with state-of-the-art technology and machinery. There are equipment, many of them developed exclusively for the company, which simulate climatic conditions, waters of different countries and even mini-production lines. All this to test the feasibility of a new product and develop prototypes before the production processes for these new products and packaging are approved and developed.

“All our efforts are because the inauguration of the Innovation Center represents the best P & G can offer to Brazil, in creativity, job creation, investments, diversity and inclusion, cutting-edge technology, prosperity and growth,” concludes Juliana Azevedo.