Apart from the fragrance, briefed to be a fragrance for determinated women, who conquer their dreams and look for happiness above all else, or the fragrance itself – of Oriental Floral olfactory path, combining the aroma of White Iris with the sugary notes of Vanilla and Praline – the packaging needs to follow the concept of the perfume and seek in the materials and techniques the way to concrete what the fragrance team of a company has imagined.

Therefore, in the packaging design of La Victoire, by Eudora, Pochet do Brasil was in charge of the production of the lid, with DuPont ™ material. “The particles were mixed with DuPont ™ SURLYN® prior to processing, and combined with the superinjection technique, they gained the appearance of floating inside a massive, super-transparent sphere, referring to the infinity of dreams that every woman carries inside themselves “Says the Pochet team. “The biggest technical challenge for the lid, the team says, was to produce it without the golden flakes breaking down and compromising the desired transparency.”

Antilhas Cartucharia was in charge of the cartridge production of the new fragrance, which also combines in its finishes the attribute of reflecting femininity in the packaging. “The metallic lamination, glitter varnish and small elements in high relief, seek to provide even more enchant and luminosity to the product”, says the team from the Antilhas. “The wrapper for the flask conditioning was coupled to the cartridge in a 100% automatic way already on the production line. This process transforms two SKUs into only one, which facilitates customer management, reduces handling operation on the assembly line and product filling, and further reduces the volume of raw material used in the wrapper by 30%. ” says João Elcio Luongo Junior, commercial manager of the Antilhas Cartucharia unit.

“We know that packaging is an important marketing tool for a product to gain even more prominence, and the case of La Victorie was no different. By choosing DuPont ™ SURLYN® for this project, it was possible to go beyond the expectations of the brand, bringing to the lid of the perfume a more delicate and sophisticated design, which is very different from the most common packaging in the Brazilian perfume market, “says Melina Guedes, Manager of Market Development at Dow Brazil and South Region.

For the final consumer, or even some industry professionals, who have no idea of the processes and delicacy in the choice of materials and techniques for the realization of a project, here there is this brief introduction. We will come back with other processes …