The shops of the four business units of the Group BoticarioO Boticario, Eudora, quem disse Berenice? and The Beauty Box – already receive from their consumers all post consumer packaging. The company expanded this month  its Recycling Program Packaging, which has existed since 2006 in O Boticario shops of the practice of reverse logistics.

The Boticario Group follows the guidelines of the National Policy Solid Waste (PNRS) that determines companies to take responsibility for return of the products and post-consumer packaging and its proper disposal since 2006, before it became mandatory.

The initiative is part of the sustainability strategy of Boticario Group, revised in 2012 , with actions of short, medium and long term, up to 2024. In the company, sustainability is embedded in the processes of the Group’s business and was planned from three pillars – Raw Materials and Packaging; Sales Channels and Eco-Efficiency.
The program is ready to receive 100% of the post-consumer material marketed by the Group companies and operates through partnerships with carriers, which at the time they deliver orders in the stores, collect materials for recycling and send them to the recipients responsible for separation and recycling.

The Boticario Group also invests in actions of training and promotion of recycling cooperatives and since 2004, supports the Program Give a Hand  for the Future, organized by the Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics – Abihpec’s. In 2014 seeking to increase this market, the Group invested in a pioneering mechanism of credit trading reverse logistics, conducted by Green Grant  of the Rio de Janeiro (BVRio) .