Sales of toiletries, cosmetics, perfumery, and convenience returned to double-digit growth, after two consecutive years of highs inferiors to 5%.

According to the Brazilian Association of Pharmacy and Drugstore Networks (Abrafarma), the non-medicament trade in the 25 largest retailers in the sector moved R $ 4.07 billion and grew 10.64% in the first quarter of 2019 – well above the percentage recorded in the same period of 2018 and 2017: 4.58% and 3.73%, respectively.

According to Sergio Mena Barreto, CEO of Abrafarma, this recovery is explained in part by demand for consumer credit – which increased by 7.2% in the period, according to Boavista data – a credit information company that gathers commercial information and more than 130 million domestic companies and consumers. This scenario stimulated the trip to pharmacies to purchase medicines, and experience at the point of sale also contributes to the purchase of other products.

“This situation is especially reflected among the female audience, which represents 70% of consumers in the large pharmaceutical retail. In addition, the prices of non-medicines do not suffer interference or control of the government, “he adds.