Among the latest trends in the humanities, philosophy has become an increasingly important tool for thinking – from personal issues to professionals. Without it impoverishes the understandings, the ethics, even hopes and predictions, life itself.

cosméticos br in this holiday season invites to its customary annual review, highlighting a little more the need to ‘revise’ what a mere Wikpedia describes as’ the study of fundamental problems related to the existence, knowledge, truth, to moral and aesthetic values’, which are applied perfectly to the cosmetic segment. Philosophy is so old that is six centuries before Christ and so current that many companies already employ philosophers in their staff to ‘think’ markets.

We can, here in this review, also associate it with Trends. And our news and stories   expressed throughout the year a few of them. Among which: Fragrances, Multifunctional Products, Green Products, Packing Renewal and Makeup Cases. These ones involve both Brazilian and foreign companies, as we´ll see when rereading to such stories. As our audience is also international we highlight yet some countries that are thriving in the cosmetic segment: Poland, Bolivia, new and attractive markets and Japan where the technology is a renewing feature in cosmetic market.

Good reading then, dear reader! These days we will go on vacation, starting from  today, December 10, to return on the 14th January with our first e-news of 2013. Read or reread slowly, with some time to philosophize – alone or among their peers – about why it is so gratifying and delightful to work with this segment.

Fragrances in 2012 should make room for all trends
Trends – 01/30/2012

In 2011  were a total of 1036 launches in fragrances worldwide. We live in a globalized world, where fashion, behavior and business, not to mention the possibilities that nature and synthetics offer in terms of new smells, comes from all over the planet, with space for all trends.

Several were well succeded, especially by the marketing job ever stronger amid hundreds and thousands of launches.

Highlight for fragrances that focused on men especially very masculine men, occupying the space of fragrances aimed at metrosexuals and for women with a new romanticism, more fun and daring, yet sweet, but lighter. The new femininity is also expressed at the point of sale through elaborate packaging, new objects of desire.

Lady Gaga Fame, fragrance developed by the laboratory of singer Lady Gaga (Haus Laboratories), in partnership with Coty, which came at the end of the year to Brazil, was one of the best sellers of the year, in the markets wherever it was traded, with a fragrance at least instigating and black liquid, that becomes invisible in contact with air and skin. Brought by Frajo International cosmetics which this year was partly bought by Grupo Boticario.

Near the end of the year this partnership resulted in the franchise The Beauty Box of stores with beauty and fragrance brands of international consecrated,debutantes in the Brazilian market and of national renown. Reunited in the same space, they are available for trial and purchase, for a more affordable price. Launched in early November the brand now has 6 stores
Multifunctional Products – trend or need
Trends – 02/13/2012

Success among consumers multifunctional products are already in almost all brands, all lines, all segments. Consumers are attentive to products that offer more than one action at the same time and in the same product, a trend of modern and  busy times. Notable examples are the compact powder products and sunscreen at the same time, or yet skin care products that reduce wrinkles, sagging and still unify skin tone. The Joico has launched a moisturizer for hair that is also a skin moisturizer and launched  this year in the Brazilian market Davines brought treatment products (ingredients with 96-100% organic) simultaneously for body, face and hair.

For practical men Natura has developed a male product that has effect anti wrinkles and signs , moisturizing, firming  and protects against sun rays harmful to the skin.

The category still has much to offer, as well as the category of products for babies and children.

Kids Products in Brazil – the first market in the world and with a lot to grow
Markets – 04/09/2012

Brazil is the first market in the world in the category of children’s products, with 15.6%  in the global market share and revenue of US$ 1.3 billion in 2011 (values ​​ex factory) and a growth of 15.28% over the year earlier, according to data from Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Personal Care Products, Perfumery and Cosmetics. The greatest bet in this category are the packaging and the creative shapes.

Line extensions – Brazilians are perfuming themselves better
Behaviour – 05/07/2012

The Brazilian consumer is not only the biggest perfume consumer  – the world’s largest, with $ 6 billion in 2011 – he also learned, in less than a decade, perfume himself better and already invests strongly in complementary products, the so-called line extensions and Brazilian consumer started to mix less when is a matter of perfuming  himself and to care of the body. Natura Naturé Tcharãn Shampoo and Conditioner Borogodó for hygiene of the infant hair was highlighted even in the international press for drying the hair   faster.

Grows the international presence at FCE Cosmetique – a prior of the launches
Technology – 05/28/2012

The green trend also arrived in the country and to stay. This year was intense the number of  international companies with the propose of ‘green’ products entering in the country, as Gatefosse, Symrise (who brought the factory to the country in August) and the national company Oxiteno, with its  Greenformance concept.
In the packaging area C-Pack was highlighted by the launch of a renewable flexible tube 100% . In green Polyethylene, extracted from sugar cane, which retain the captured carbon in the environment.

Quick effect and effectiveness to consumers increasingly with no time
Trends – 08/27/2012

With the increasingly intense participation of women in the labor market the new executives end up for highlight a market need, which is the product of rapid effect, to be used by large salons. The  hair segment mainly was the most benefited from this trend, with several releases, including Kerastase Booster Fusio-Dose Ceramide 0,4ml, da Kerastase (L´Oreal) a professional line for reconstruction and anti breakage of hair or the product Igora color 10, which covers gray hair in 10 minutes and the Brazilian Cosmetic company  ASPA that brought back the dry shampoo, with its Acquaspa Bio Fruit, with actives of mango that quickly replaces the need for a wash.

Men also has pointed out  their needs and the market reacted. Biotherm Homem – Anti-fadiga of quick effect, in discrete packaging of 15 ml, and with metal balls at the tip of packaging for a frozen effect, while massaging. In the story we highlighted yet the actives developed for this type of product.

Brazilian companies seek own ways to grow and face external concurrence
Markets – 08/13/2012

The domestic industry has been reacting from some time to now ,with special bravery? creates products and brands with differentials based on their knowledge of the market and also the Brazilian people, knowledge that is not always measured by polls, but by intuition, experience and wisdom.

Polish cosmetics market seeks expansion to emerging markets
Markets – 09/24/2012

In the international market, highlight for Poland, the sixth largest exporter of cosmetics in Europe, which reached € 3.3 billion in sales in 2011 and is among the most dynamic countries in Europe in the cosmetics segment. It is strong in products for sensitive skin, professional products for aesthetic, makeup, above all it is protruding really well in certified organic products.

Grows the demand for cosmetics in Bolivia
Markets – 19/10/2012

Bolivia is another country that stood out in 2012 in personal care products. The market value of beauty and personal care of Bolivia grew 12.7% to $ 279.7m in 2011, according to market research firm Euromonitor International, and sales are expected to rise 10.4% more in 2012.

What’s Next in Japan’s Beauty Market
Trends – 06/25/2012

Japan reinvents itself and despite the financial crisis affecting the cosmetic market has introduced the concept of ‘Mobile Beauty’, from beauty devices,actually nebulizers  electronic and non-electronic to be carried in a purse or pocket. The Shisheido has developed Ultrasonic ‘Wave Handy Mist’ in partnership with Panasonic, a moisturizing lotion for the face that moisturizes without changing the makeup already applied.

In Tokyo it is  found the Yu Nail Salon, where customers who want gel nails can access the necessary equipment to do this kind of service on their own. And of course, the beauty drink grows from strength to strength. Shiseido is one of the great brands that offer a drink of beauty with collagen. In Europe, Danone and Nestle have launched similar.

In Brazil the businesswoman Cristiana Arcangeli is also doing well with Beauty’In, which now has a partnership with bank BTG Pactual  to invest in distribution and dissemination of all products that are part of the beauty’in ® portfolio, today composed beautydrink ®, beautycandy ® and beautybar ®.Cristiana Arcangeli, criadora da marca beauty´in

Renewal Package – For a competitive advantage
Design – 29/10/2012

In the competitive race, the cosmetic companies were faced with the need for renovation and have changed lines, products, formulations when renewing their layout of packaging in search of the most demanding consumer, new niches, especially for Class C.

Makeup pallets, an option still excellent
Trends – 26/11/2012

And a classic revival, actually always present among travel kits or of parties, but gained vigor with the entry of Markwins,  American expert in makeup kits  in the Brazilian market.

Thus, philosophizing, reviewing successes and mistakes can greatly help to define or redefine strategies, goals, propositions and developments in a company and can also guide us to a better performance for the understanding of our space, our relationships and our purposes.

See you all in the next year! Happy New Year! full of good reflexions!