The Pierre Fabre Group, which in Brazil owns the brands Eau Thermale Avène, Darrow and Ducray, announces its initiatives – local and global – to collaborate with the end of the crisis caused by COVID-19, among them the production of a Hygiene Gel based 70% alcohol to donate to hospitals.

“We are an international pharmaceutical company and belong to a non-profit public benefit foundation. We understand that it is our responsibility to collaborate with public health.”, Says Philippe de Carvalho, General Director of Pierre Fabre in Brazil.

In addition to minimizing the circulation of people in the company, Pierre Fabre do Brasil prepared its production line to start manufacturing a 70% Alcohol-Based Sanitizing Gel at its local factory in Rio de Janeiro. In the coming weeks, part of the production will go to hospitals that currently suffer from the shortage of hygiene items on the market due to the crisis. The action is also underway in France, the company’s headquarters.

The new Sanitizing Gel will be part of the Soapelle line, by Darrow Laboratório, Pierre Farbre’s Brazilian brand. The Darrow brand antiseptic line, Soapelle, also has liquid and bar soaps.