Pollux, an industrial technology company that develops advanced manufacturing solutions, collaborative robotics, mobile robotics, vision systems and industrial internet, led to the fair FCE Cosmetique, which ends tomorrow, the 23rd, three of its most requested equipment.

“We brought 3 solutions, a Solution in IA form, of Artificial Intelligence , a standalone robot, which is for internal transport and logistics within the factory and the Track & Trace solution, which does the serialization (box identification through code, which allows to trace the product) and traceability with the possibility of being integrated into the interactive robot. This robot makes box arrengements, it can put flasks inside a box, do the palletizing and a wide variety of operations. Together with a pneumatic claw, the robot grabs the boxes and assembles the pallet, “says Beatriz Santini Marketing Manager.

Pollux is the first company to bring the technology of collaborative robots to Brazil. “Introducing a serialization and traceability system in production, for example, means tracing the history, application or location of an item through intelligent, automated data collection.”

Compact in size, collaborative robots can work side by side with people, performing repetitive and precision tasks.

The company has a specific business unit to design and execute strategies of integration between technologies of operation (OT) and information technologies (IT)
In addition to sales, the company operates through the equipment leasing business model. “The lease for a two-shift operation ties the value and for a three-shift operation, the robot generates savings of up to $ 200,000 per year,” guarantees Santini.

Among the advantages that robotic systems offer are: the 24-hour work with greater assertiveness, and the economy of the palletizing, since this is a question of ergonomics to spare repetitive movements of the operator.

Currently there are about 350 robots installed in the country, in the most diverse areas. In the cosmetic sector, companies L’Oreal, Natura and O Boticário have already robotized part of their operations.