Procter & Gamble has developed and is launching in South Africa its first new brand of hair products in retail in four years.

The new P & G Beauty Water L<SS hair treatment launched in Cape Town, South Africa’s second largest city, exclusively at selected Clicks stores, one of South Africa’s leading retailers, caters to women’s differing needs and yet with innovative formulas without water, considering the storage on the planet, particularly in the face of the drought problems faced by Cape Town over the last three years.

Part of P & G’s new “innovation agenda,” the 50L Home, includes an Ultra light Dry Foaming Shampoo, a Dry Shampoo with No Waste, Dry and Refreshing Conditioners for Non-Alcoholic Hair.

“At P & G Beauty, our goal is to be a force for good and a force for growth. Water is a precious commodity under great stress, and we believe we can play a role in helping people achieve the end result who desire, despite the scarcity of water, through significant innovations, “said Alex Keith, CEO of P & G Beauty, at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

P & G will also join forces with The Nature Conservancy to “advocate for water preservation” by supporting the effort of the Cape Town Water Retreat Fund to return 50 billion liters of water to the region’s supply system to address the issue of water supply.