The health and beauty basketin Brazil has recovered both in units and in value in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period last year. According to data of the Consumer Insights prepared by Kantar Worldpanel, agency specializing in consumer behavior, households with five or more people are largely responsible for the result. One of the reasons that took these households leverage the purchase of the items was the shared use. The survey also revealed that this type of product presented value growth (7.5%), units (4.5%) and average price (4.2%) in the period. It stands out there the following categories: deodorant spray, razors with three units and night absorbent.

The study also found that the articles of specific formats, even costing more than traditional versions, have increasingly conquered the Brazilians. This is because the consumer is accustomed to make smart choices, in which choose to pay a little more when they see benefits in the acquisition. The deodorant spray, for example, is seen by the population as refreshing, more efficient against perspiration and possess a pleasant fragrance. But the refreshing toothpaste is touted as more effective against bad breath, while the razors with three leave the skin smooth, and soft , shave closer and last longer.