Qr code on the top of the                                    Packaging in vibrating colors
product:  “Scan me”   
                                         to highlight on the shelves

The American company TCCD International, headquartered in Florida, recently reformulated its line of natural deodorants GeoDeo, also promoting changes in product packaging. In an effort to improve relations with the public more connected to technology, the company decided to incorporate a bidimensional code of type QR code on the packaging of the brand.

The company wanted to show that their new formula contains no chemically derived ingredients, which is quite unusual for a deodorant in stick format – even for some brands “natural.”

Kristi Moe, director of marketing for GeoDeo explains: “We knew that the use of a QR code would make sense for our consumers while shopping. So if a consumer scans the code while in the store, he can quickly learn everything he need before deciding to purchase. “

The new look of Geodeo is more modern, young and unisex, meeting the objectives of the brand. The revamp of packaging has used brown background, but with bright colors and vivid images on the labels to contrast and appear on store shelves. But the big draw is now the code that appears on the label with an announcement – “Scan Me” and the phrase: “Discover the power of natural science” attracting consumers to find out more about the product.

After the launch of the new packaging of GeoDeo, the brand has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors to your site, as well as an increase of positive comments online about new product formulation.

Geodeo’s mobile users now account for 39% of the brand’s website visits, in comparison to 19% for TCCD’s Naturally Fresh Deodorant, a brand that doesn’t use a QR code on its packaging. Moe adds, “The QR code has been a great way for us to engage consumers.”