quem disse, berenice? (Boticario Group) will be the official sponsor of the Trans Pride March of the City of São Paulo, the Brazilian makeup brand supports the movement, to gather representative voices and seek a fairer and more equal visibility of the demands of this group.

The event takes place on June 21, Friday, from noon, with departure at 5:00 p.m., and concentration at Largo do Arouche. The Trans Marathon will feature a conversation space that includes UN members, space for interviews, to receive curriculums, and will feature performances by trans artists.

quem disse, berenice? believes that makeup can be a tool in building self-esteem and on expressing the individuality of people, and works its initiatives LGBTQ + within the concept – YOUR BEAUTY IS BE FREE. “Our brand has the freedom as its main pillar. And there is no freedom without diversity and appreciation of all beauties. We want to do chorus to the constant efforts of visualization of trans people and their representation in society, “says Álvaro Garcia, Brand Marketing Director.

The event will bring an important initiative for trans people and sponsoring brands, which is the receiving curriculums and projects from trans people and for trans people. The team quem disse, berenice? will be with representatives in the March, for orientation to candidates and other people interested in the work in the brand, and will follow later with its HR and Sustainability team to analyze the profiles received and design of possible plans of employability.

Check the schedule on the site: https://orgulhotrans.com.br/