Celebrating 50 years on last 28th, Natura celebrates a history of success and responsible management. The entrepreneurs, Luis Seabra, the founder of the company, Guilherme Leal and Pedro Passos celebrated with excitement and joy a company “that has taken on all its values and built this network of relationships”, as recalled the president of the Executive Board of the company, Roberto Marques.

It’s quite a story in those 50 years. From entrepreneurs who have always bet on nature – even the name of the company – and who later proved itself to be the right choice, the natural choice for life – both promoting relationships and making products that are increasingly committed to sustainability.

The world has turned fast in these 50 years and Natura, which has established responsible positionings, has moved on with a potent drive towards sustainable growth. At firm steps it has built factories in São Paulo and Benevides, Pará – an industrial park where other companies with the same thought for sustainability fit. And it has bought by fair way international companies that share similar values: Aesop, The Body Shop and this year the purchase of its biggest rival Avon, which brings to the company a rich contingent of direct sales consultants around the world. Recalling that in 2018 Natura & Co achieved a 36% growth in net revenue over the previous year, to R $ 13.4 billion.

These movements, however, could not have been firm or fair were it not for the positionings established by its three owners, which created values for the company in the face of economic crises in the past decades, and that in the year in which the company completes 50, they added actual topics include wealth sharing, not conducting animal testing, valuing diversity, reducing waste, choosing plant ingredients and of renewable sources, the care for the origin of products and fighting change climate change.

In a year when the Amazon suffers from reckless burning, Natura joins itself to the 4,600 families or 18,500 people living in communities in the region to help keep the forest standing through project support awards. conservation and environmental awareness for children, the technology center in the middle of the forest that researches assets and brings business to the region (between 2012 and 2018 R $ 1.5 billion), ethical bio-commerce certifications, and 257 thousand conserved hectares, an area equivalent to to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro together. “The world is more beautiful with you”, the brand’s new institutional positioning, proposes that each person be the agent of change that begins in each ones. It is not without merits  therefore, that Natura, a genuinely Brazilian company, is one of the most admired companies in the world.