Scientific research conducted by Natura‘s innovation team has shown that red lipstick elevates women’s self-esteem. The research was conducted in São Paulo, with 31 women aged 25 to 41 years and heterogeneous skin tones.

“We realized that red lipstick is capable of increasing the perception of beauty, femininity, joy and self-esteem,” says Daniel Gonzaga, director of product development.

According to the company, the positive sensations were enhanced when the friends praised the appearance of the participants with the lipstick used in the research. “It was possible to prove that the lipstick empowers these women to relate to the world in a more confident way,” says Gonzaga.

The emotions of the volunteers were evaluated in three stages: in the first, they were without any makeup; In the second, they used only a base to smooth the skin of the face; Finally, besides the base, one of the classic red lipsticks of the brand. The women surveyed were able to observe themselves in the mirror and make self-assessments, responding to a standard questionnaire.

The whole process was filmed and the images of the volunteers – without makeup, base and, finally, with lipstick – were evaluated objectively by facial expression analysis software. “With this technology, we map the positive emotions and their intensities throughout the makeup experience,” says Gonzaga.

Participants reported having established a new relationship with red lipstick. “Until then, many of them believed that the makeup could make them look very fancy or vulgar. For them, the experience was an opportunity to reflect on how they felt as women and question some social standards “, points out the director of product development at Natura.

The marketing campaign brings the nine best-selling red lipsticks of the Aquarela line, from Natura with the lowest prices of the year and the new matte FPS 10 Meu Vermelho lipstick, with exclusive packaging. “The Aquarela line takes this moment to reinforce the invitation so that each woman finds a shade of red to call her own,” says Maria Paula Fonseca, director of cosmetics at Natura.