Hello readers,

As usual we will leave on holiday in December, to return in early January. But we left our readers with the main stories, interviews and news and some of the year’s releases as well, for a second chance of reading, an opportunity to reflect on market movements and think about next year.

This year, in order to combine with the resumption of Brazilian GDP growth in the quarters of the year, we looked up in all the cosmeticos br content of the year, information that has made this year more positive – also for the cosmetics and personal care industry, as we can attest in March / April when the year’s results are released.

But the news here related speaks for itself. The market launches went ahead and the industry as always has overcomed itself facing the conditions presented. There were many partnerships, more suppliers arrived in the country, industry fairs had massive industry participation – both in final product and suppliers. The industry has struggled a lot and is very attentive to the market.

In international markets, the year was also of many acquisitions bys by the companies side, seeking growth and new markets – whether in portfolio or other regions of the world.

Companies around the world are adapting to new market movements, seeking technologies, not just for products, but for sales. It is also being observed, a moment of expectation for what is to come, the introduction of these new technologies of sale occurred and occurs very quickly.

Above all, in Brazil and around the world, the strength of the idea of sustainability is established for all industries – including beauty, and it has been exemplary. Check it out! Enjoy the reading! And get inspired!





Happy Holidays! Happy New Year to all of you! Much luck, peace, health and love!