Rhodia, the company of the Solvay Group, is completing 100 years of activities in Brazil and announces investments in projects to expand sustainability in its production processes and development of sustainable innovations for the various markets in which it operates in the region.

Thanks to a series of actions taken in recent decades, with the adoption of technologies and equipment and improvements in energy efficiency, Rhodia is announcing that it already neutralizes 96% of its carbon emissions from the Paulínia (SP) industrial complex, one of the largest chemical complexes in Latin America.

The Paulínia complex comprises 27 production units, capable of manufacturing 1.2 million tons per year of various products on a wide range of people’s everyday items, including personal care, home care and packaging.

To advance sustainability in Paulínia, the company is starting a series of projects, such as the implementation of a renewable energy system in some production areas, with the installation of state-of-the-art photovoltaic plates to capture solar energy. And will intensify the reforestation of some areas of the set with native vegetation.

At the same time, improvements will be made to the operational process of the industrial greenhouse gas abatement facility, which the company has voluntarily maintained in Paulínia since 2007, and annually eliminates about 5 (five) million tonnes of CO2 equivalent – an amount corresponding to what is emitted in the same period by a fleet of 1.2 million fossil fuel powered vehicles.

The company is also evaluating a project to change the fuel matrix used in its steam boilers, moving from the current use of natural gas to biomass, taking advantage of Brazil’s unique potential in this field.

Rhodia’s units in Brazil have advanced in the sustainability issue, in line with the commitments made worldwide by the Solvay Group.

To meet consumer aspirations, personal care industries are increasingly demanding sustainable ingredients that are free of synthetic or animal-based raw materials. This is what Mackaderm® Mackaderm® LIA CP offer, two exclusive emollients of 100% vegetable origin (palm and sugar cane), developed at Rhodia’s laboratories in Brazil, which, among other differentials, are used as an alternative to silicone. Combining sustainability and performance, these novelties are already being used by customers in the formulation of shampoos, conditioners, face and body creams, and roll-on deodorants.


Another recent development is the Augeo® Clean Multi line of applications aimed at formulations of bath oils (body mist) and perfumes that require differentiated characteristics such as excellence in fragrance dilution and fixation, as well as greater odor enhancement.

Like all products in this family, Augeo® Clean Multi is a renewable source solvent with attributes that combine high solubility with correct volatility.

Augeo® Crystal, which has as its main differential the guarantee of raw material traceability and comes as a sustainable solvent solution for the Vegan products market, in line with the trends of the beauty and cosmetics trends of ‘vegetalization’ of their products.

Hexylene Glycol (HGL) applications for skin care and cosmetic segments such as micellar water, body oil, moisturizers and makeup formulations, and for hair care in product formulations such as shampoos, dyes, conditioners and hair tonics.


For the nail polish, nail polish remover and the recovery segment, Rhodia has developed the Aromatic Free program, certifying that its acetic solvents (ethyl acetate, butyl and n-propyl) are free of toxic aromatic substances.

Augeo line products attend the Air Care segment, especially in the international markets for flavoring environment products. This type of product is widely used in countries where the culture of cleaning and aromatizing the environment prioritizes the practicality and speed in household chores.


In all units of the company in the country, Rhodia has advanced in the sustainability issue, in line with the commitments assumed worldwide by the Solvay Group.

Investments in sustainability actions reinforce the company’s commitment to improving people’s quality of life and with the planet, says Solvay Group president in Latin America, Daniela Manique. “The world chemical industry has long understood that no company or business can grow at the expense of the planet. Therefore, we are committed to building Sustainable Chemistry, which responsibly utilizes the resources at its disposal and values renewable resources in its processes and in the development of the products we use in our daily lives, ” she says.

According to Daniela Manique, the company will continue to invest in its local operations. Over the past five years, the Solvay Group has invested around R $ 1 billion in acquisitions, production expansion, technology deployment and new product development for the different markets in which it operates in the region.

“Through 100 years of activities in Brazil, Rhodia has built a success story and this is a heritage that the Solvay Group does not give up. Rhodia has made a huge contribution to the development of Brazilian industry and has taken deep roots with Brazilian society. And we will continue to build Sustainable Chemistry, ”concludes the president of the Solvay Group in Latin America.