Rhodia Energy has officially inaugurated yesterday the industrial unity for the greenhouse effect gas lower, installed in Paulinia, Sao Paulo state.
Developed according to the Clean Development Mechanism (MDL), of Kyoto Protocol, which entered on industrial operation at the end of 2006, it will reduce the N2O emission in around 20 thousand tons per year, equivalent to annual six millions tons of carbonic gas – amount emitted by a fleet of 1.2 million automobiles.

“Our projects MDL, in Brazil and in South Korea, together with the first industrial unity for lower gases of greenhouse effect installed in France, before the Kyoto protocol, reaffirms the Rhodia commitment with the Sustainable Development”, said Rhodia Energy president, Philippe Rosier.

“All the knowledge acquired by the company in this segment of projects related to gases of greenhouse effect is available for the market”, declared Latin America Rhodia Energy vice-president, José Borges Matias.

On the inauguration, which has counted with Brazilian federal government authorities and company clients, Rhodia has announced the creation of the Rhodia Institute, entity for the actuation on social projects linked with education.
Reunited on seven worldwide companies, Rhodia group is key partner of the great players of the automotive markets, of tyres, electronic, perfumery, hygiene and beauty and consume products. Rhodia has obtained a 4,8 bns euros invoice in 2006 and employees currently 16 thousand people worldwide. Its actions are quoted on stock market of Paris (Euronext) and New York (NYSE).