Rhodia, a company in the Solvay Group, announced that it had obtained registration from the Vegan Society for its oxygenated solvents Augeo® Crystal and HGL – Hexylene glycol.

The Vegan Society label – the oldest and most respected vegan institution in the world – is used on product and raw material labels around the world as an authentic standard for products that are free of animal source ingredients and that have also not been tested in animals.

With the registration, the company will be able to serve customers who are in the segment of vegan products in the Personal Care, Air Care (environment scents and fragrances) and Surface Care (surface cleaning) lines, a growing trend in several parts of the world.

“Following our purpose as a company, we are advancing in offering sustainable solutions that meet the new lifestyle trends pointed out by consumers”, says Antonio Leite, Vice President of Phenol and Derivatives and Solvents of the Group’s global business unit, Coatis Solvay.

Its most recent vegan development is the Augeo® Crystal, whose main differential is the guarantee of raw material traceability and comes as a sustainable solvent solution for the vegan products market, in line with the trends of the consumer goods sector. expand the ‘veganization’ of its products.

Also registered at the Vegan Society was HGL – Hexylene glycol, a product widely used as a wetting and emulsifying agent in the formulations of skin care and cosmetic segments.

“The Solvay Group is the only HGL producer in the world that has this register, which is an important differentiation in the market and shows our commitment to offering solutions aligned with this new lifestyle”, concludes the VP of Phenol and Derivatives and Solvay Group Solvents.