After succeeding with the launch of curly hair product lines, the Brazilian brand Salon Line now bets on straight hair and announces a new campaign to present the products of the line Meu Liso (my smooth (hair)), for natural straight hair or with chemistry.

The video has the presence of ambassadors of the brand and the central idea is that not all smooth hair are the same, showing the benefit of each of the lines, to show that women with straight hair can also count on the brand Salon Line, whose position is “Transform yourself into you”, based on the idea of diversity, self-esteem and deconstruction of beauty standards.

The campaign reinforces the positioning #SeEuQuiserEuPosso, and shows women of diverse beauties, with humor and with Brazilianity in the prints of the line´s packaging.

“Meu Liso is a brand of just one year that was much requested by the consumers,” says Marketing Manager Kamila Fonseca. “The Salon line was a pioneer in bringing specific products to curls, understanding the differences of the curls types and their specific needs. Observing this movement, many women with straight hair – natural or with chemistry – asked us for a specific line for the biotype straight hair, with the same idea of valuing the particularities of each one, ” she explains.

The advertising piece “If I want, I can” potentiate this targeting, is being broadcast on the digital, radio and OOH channels until the beginning of May.