Sanifill, brand of oral care products launches Eco line, of products to meet the consumers seeking quality with low environmental impact. New products – brush and floss – were developed with packaging that reduces the disposal of plastic materials in nature.

The thong Comfort Plus Eco Refill, has a unique technology that allows consumers to exchange the refill of the product without discard the case, that can be reused. The floss, with mint flavor and two layers of wax, has parallel microfilaments, which provide a larger contact area for cleaning between the teeth.

Eco line also includes the sustainable toothbrush Ecodent. The Ecodent has reusable cable, which allows consumers to change the brush head, replacing only the bristles without discard out the cable. The product can also be used as a tongue scraper, if the cartridge is removed.

Sanifill products are available in pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries and supermarkets throughout Brazil.