Sorriso (Colgate-Palmolive), the 2nd largest brand of classic and iconic Brazilian toothpaste, launched its Smile Fresh campaign on April 11 with presenter and actress Tatá Werneck, marking a light and fun positioning focused on freshness.

The campaign begins with an interaction on Instagram: Tata, in her profile, dreams and asks to be a girl advertising the traditional TV movies of the brand. Then the presenter is answered by Sorriso and invited to dive into her universe and meet the Summer with Smile.

The film was produced in Rio de Janeiro and will have a split for Youtube, open and closed TV, Instagram and Facebook. The campaign seeks to reflect all the modernity that the brand has invested since 2017, when it inaugurated the concept Summer with Sorriso, and explores this territory with sponsorship of major events such as New Year’s Eve, Carnival and activations around Brazil, always with vibrant moments, full of energy, optimism and brazilianity.

Tata Werneck represents the Smile consumer who, when using the toothpaste, is transported to the World of Smile, a playful universe where it is summer all year long.

“Sorriso is and always was about Summer, pool party and friends having fun together, sharing moments and stories. We have worked on this campaign to reflect our young audience and are looking for brands that identify with their lifestyle. The choice of Tatá Werneck portrays the spontaneity and humor that Sorriso transmits “, completes Cintia Arruda, marketing manager.