LG Household & Health Care (LG H & G), a maker of cosmetics and home products for the South Korean group, is expected to reach the Brazilian market starting in July, in partnership with mining company Farmax, distributor of the products in the country.

The brand will be sold via multi-channel, including e-commerce, both on its own platform and in marketplaces. Farmax has three thousand corporate clients spread all over Brazil. There are nine brands and approximately 800 LG H & H products for the hair, makeup and skin care segments. At that first moment, all products will be imported – mostly directly from South Korea and another, a smaller one, from Canada.

Minas Gerais, the headquarters of Farmax and São Paulo, where the company opened an office specially to take care of the LG H & H operation, will be the first places to receive the products. The expansion to the other Brazilian states, according to Bruno Amaral, Farmax Group’s New Business Director, is due to happen in September of this year.

The cosmetics part uses the K-Beauty concept, which characterizes South Korean production. One of the highlights are the “sheet masks”, Korean masks for skin treatment. According to consultancy Transparency Market Research, this type of product should move US $ 336.7 million by 2024.

The arrival of LG H & H in Brazil is part of the company’s international expansion. Brazil has attracted the attention of South Koreans as the fourth country that consumes the most beauty products, behind only China, the United States and Japan. In 2017, this market handled R $ 106.3 billion in the country, according to consultancy Euromonitor.

LG H & H already operates in Brazil with the brands: Lucky Fiji: laundry detergents in handkerchiefs, a novelty in the Brazilian market; Elastine: line of hair treatment, both female and male, in addition to professional lines; Fruit & Passion: home care line; CNP: dermocosmetic products; Beyond: natural and organic products; Befil: products with strong immediate moisturizing effects for treatments, in addition to facial masks; VDI: makeup line; VDL: premium makeup line to makeup removers and On The Body: Body product line.

With information of Gazeta do Povo journal