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Cares for men skin
Trends – 12/06/2010

Products in multiple actions in combating Hair Fall
Technology – 23/11/2010

PuraInova reaches the dermocosmetic market to become one of the 5 brands in 5 years
Trends – 11/09/2010

Finishing products increasingly accessible
Markets – 17/10/2010

Heated, the market displays its photoprotection novelties, in advance
Markets – 09/27/2010

Branding and the relationship with the target market
Strategy – 09/20/2010

When the slogan is the soul of business
Campaigns – 09/13/2010


The eyeshadows moves forward in the feminine look
Markets – 08/09/2010

Dark Circles and bags under the eyes – products that help women and men to look good
Technology – 06/28/2010

Market Trends makes nail polish market grow in Brazil
Trends – 06/14/2010

Renewal in processes
Behaviour – 05/17/2010

Innovative tecnologies
Technology – 03/15/2010

The novelties on cellulite combat
Technology – 02/22/2010

Concurrence and expansion take the greatest cosmetic companies actuating in Brazil to invest on Distribution Centers
Strategy – 02/08/2010

Hair products minimize Summer effects
Technology – 30/11/2009

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