Takasago, a fragrances and aromas multinational of Japanese origin, has just closed a strategic partnership with Univar Solutions, a global chemical and ingredient distribution company, to distribute in the domestic market the fragrances developed by Takasago for the segments of personal hygiene and beauty and household cleaning.

The partnership aims to serve small and medium-sized customers, in the development of differentiated solutions, for the supply of competitive collections, based on market tendencies, with fractional sales of 25kg, 5kg and 1kg.

About a year ago the partnership is been designed and the synergies of values between the companies, propitiated the partnership. On the one hand Takasago wants to expand the capillarity of its distribution in the market, grow and invest in Brazil, where it serves just over 50 large clients. The partnership will allow the reach of more than 2000 clients of Univar’s specialties. On the other hand, Univar will offer its clients a portfolio of solutions in quality fragrances. “By consolidating our experience in the country we can think of replicating it in other countries,” adds the director of fragrances of the Japanese multinational.

“The goal of this partnership is to expand Takasago’s presence in the Brazilian market, with sales growth expected as early as 2019. In 2 years, we want to make Univar Solutions one of our largest customers in Brazil,” said Takasago Fragrances Director , Attilio Pisa Neto.

With a sales structure present throughout the country, Univar Solutions will capillarize the sale of fragrances, increasing the participation of Takasago in these segments.
“Takasago will be a strong banner in our portfolio that is already comprised of large manufacturers of ingredients and chemicals for these segments,” explains Univar Solutions Business Director Edson Zicari.

“In addition to the commercial synergy, another decisive factor for the choice of Univar Solutions in this partnership was the alignment of values: Trust, Teamwork, Technology and Services, pillars that sustain the two companies and further enrich this union,” says Gilvan Azevedo, president of Takasago.

These values also govern the basis of work at Univar Solutions. “The Hygiene & Beauty and Home Cleaning industries are our focus. We invest heavily in people, services and new product lines. With Takasago’s fragrance line incorporated into our solutions, we will be able to further expand Univar Solutions’ market share and move towards our goals in these markets, “says Jorge Buckup, president for Latin America at Univar Solutions.

With more than 3,300 employees and 275 scientists distributed in 24 factories in 27 countries, Takasago is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has global revenues of USD 1.3 billion, investing 8.6% of this amount in research.

Univar Solutions has a global network of Solutions Centers, formulation and development laboratories and research centers around the world, with shares in the New York Stock Exchange.

Exclusive Fragrances

“It is important to note that we from Takasago will continue to develop fragrances unique to our customers, and Univar Solutions will have a collection of fragrances, also exclusive, specially developed for the distributor’s customers”, reveals the Director of Fragrances Takasago Brazil.