A brand of fragrances and bespoke retail concept called The Alchemist Atelier has opened a boutique in Paris where customers can create personalized fragrances using an application-connected device called Scent Creator. Launched by Noustique, a joint venture between the Spanish group Puig and the German company BSH Hausgeräte, the boutique is made up of “fragrance alchemists” who help customers blend scents.

They can either buy small bottles of EDPs or purchase the Scent Creator to create home fragrances.

The Alchemist Atelier is a two-storey boutique of about 100 m2 on Rue Étienne Marcel, 36. Internally you see an interactive wall of perfumes, the Scent Wall which has 34 essences, 16 bases, all prepared with IFF perfumers. The idea is to induce niche fragrance lovers to develop the combinations they desire. Another form of creation is the app from The Alchemist Atelier, which through the technology The Scent Creator, exclusivity of the store that allows the creation of personalized fragrances.