Brazilian consumers have a passion for hair. Everything that involves the segment, matters. Nothing more natural therefore than a fair dedicated to the segment: Hair Brasil – International Beauty, Hair and Aesthetics Fair, held from April 13 to 16 in São Paulo.

The 18th edition of the event brought together 900 exhibiting brands among national and international names, focusing on trends, new techniques in 60 educational events, and launches for the Professional and Retail Business categories.

In the four days of the event it were presented hairdressers, makeup artists, barbers, beauticians, salon managers and clinics, manicures and other beauty professionals, who came in caravans from all over Brazil and from various countries in Latin America.

Some news / trends, among the hundreds presented:

– The 100% vegetable coloration of Laces and Hair (see the interview), launched at the event. It covers totally and permanently any type of hair, including whites and can be used by pregnant women and allergy-prone people.
– Natural and vegan products in profusion. Among the brands are Natus, with its professional line and home care MinasFlor, elaborated with a mix of vegetal assets.

– an American brand totally dedicated to curls, curly and wavy hair, including children’s products: Aunt Jackie’s. The products are of treatment and with essential oils.

Peel Line, Brazilian brand of professional treatment and home care for skin rejuvenation and revitalization, which uses prebiotics and probiotics.
– The Three Therapy brand, which brought to the event Supreme Platine Bleaching Powder, a blend of proteins of haircare, which maintains the natural elasticity of the threads;  a line of structuring (Benefit Control), with Pro Vitamin B5, Buriti Oil and Amino Pro 200 to restore battered hair, as well as an eyebrow tonic that prevents threads dropp, strengthens and makes grow to new eyebrow threads.

– Products and techniques in profusion to straighten the hairs. And at the same time, a huge amount of product lines for the treatment of curls, curly hair, frizz, etc. could be seen everywhere. The novelty is that all these products have become healthier for hair, with less chemistry. The Olenka brand, for example, took to the Fair natural treatments for hair that passed through chemical processes and a straightener that promotes at the same time straightening, treatment and hydration of the wires – the Royal Look Hair Straightener and a spray for the correction and finalization of chemicals in blond hair – Royal Blond -, based on natural extracts of blueberry and calamus oil.

– Daxx took to the event Instant Plus, the product that was lacking in Brazil for men. It is a temporary hair makeup that disguises the calvices with a spray in 5 different shades. And it can be used in beards. It thickens the threads and covers faults and small and medium calvices.

Felps  took male products like: Black Jack to model and control the thread, providing greater volume, flexibility and texture. The Progressive brush of the brand, is free from formaldehyde, with natural extracts that moisturize and smooth the threads and that can be applied also in the beard. Also, a line with 5 shades  of toning, with no-ammonia and alkaline, that neutralizes wicks and can also be used on mustaches and beards.

– A brand called Berenice, which called attention by name: Berenice Assanhada (ashamed), with a Progressive Kit for the hair straighten, with shampoo pre-treatment, and Reducing Balm.

The fair is a party for beauty professionals. A lot of partying … and a lot of people visiting.