To unravel the secrets and whims of perfumery O Boticario has partnered with GNT TV channel for the project  Perfumes da Vida (perfumes of life), which debuts on Oct. 13and will reveal the personality of the perfumes.

The program format will show information and trivia about the creation, manufacture and history of perfumes, stories about the everyday life of women and men of different professions that have the same qualities found in the perfume essences unraveled.

In each episode, celebrities with different styles will emphasize attributes such as sensuality, energy, femininity, optimism, achievement, culture, sophistication, power and success that connect them to a perfume.

In the first program besides an actress talking about feelings and memories from the different essences and how they influence her life, the participation of Miguel Krigsner, entrepreneur, founder of O Boticario and current Chairman of the Group Boticario, whose history blends with the fragrance in Brazil.

 Perfumes da Vida counts with 13 episodes shown every Saturday.