DuPont ™ Tyvek®, DuPont‘s 100% recyclable non-woven fabric, has been selected to be the primary raw material for the labels and packaging of soaps from the Simpatica Ver-O-Peso cosmetics line, feito brasil cosmeticos, handmade cosmetics brand inspired by Brazilian culture and adopting sustainable manufacturing processes. The material is lightweight, has a long service life, does not tear, is water resistant and can be applied in substitution to paper or fabric. Because of this combination, it is durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions and is of easy use.

Cosmetics from the Simpática de Ver-O-Peso line needed a solution that would protect the product from fungus, bacteria and oxidation, but sustainable, to be in line with the company’s manufacturing policies. The material is very flexible and resistant to large variations in temperature.

The collection seeks to reflect the essence of one of the country’s great historical heritages, which is the Ver-o-Peso Market, the largest open-air market in the world, the largest free fair in Latin America and one of the main postcards of Belém do Para. The details of the line are fundamental, since the experience of regeneration and individual healing and the environment must happen from the purchase to the aromatic experience that people will have with the products. “Our fragrances are totally natural and handcrafted, made from raw materials from certified suppliers of that region. For us, it is essential that the customer feels the difference from the purchase, when touching the packaging for the first time. At this moment, he will perceive the richness of details of this collection, “says Paula Mariá, communication manager of the made Brazil.

The line consists of a bath salt (R $ 76), a bath nectar (R $ 98), a moisturizing candle (R $ 83) and a vegetable soap (R $ 37). To know more, visit the feito brasil website.