Unilever, leader of the deodorants segment in Brazil, will bring to the Brazilian market the compressed antiperspirants –  deodorants in small packages: Dove of 169 ml to 85 ml and Rexona of 175 ml  to 85 ml.

Company will bring to Brazil the packaging technology for compressed air antiperspirants, developed over ten years in European laboratories and prepared with research for two years in Brazil. The company will make this technology available to its competitors, seeking greater sustainability and a better future, as stated company president Fernando Fernandes during the event of results announcement of its Sustainability Plan.

“We are willing to share technology so that more and more companies can deliver more sustainable products. Our primary responsibility is not to be first, neither being the best, but to mobilize the industry to make happen, “Fernandez stressed. He has reinforced that this is the time to draw a clear guideline, and with defined time of execution, which promotes sustainable products on a large scale. “Through this joint effort, everyone wins. No one can be against a benefit that is for all of society, “he said.

The technology of the antiperspirants of compressed air allows the same shape for the  packaging, same efficacy and even with the same lasting of product, and with the same price. These packagings will generate savings of 30% aluminum on the packaging; 30% in carbon footprint and 50% in the emission of propellant gas, responsible for the way out of the product from the can.   With this, logistics operations are optimized, with 65% more products per pallet, 39% reduction in the number of pallets and 395 fewer trucks on the streets.

Natura also developed and launched to the market in August 2014 EcoCompactos a line of deodorants, with technology that provides the lowest use of raw materials and lower carbon emissions 48% less environmental impact with the same income and 24h antiperspirant and deodorant protection.

The new versions will hit the market from the second half of July, but earlier versions will remain available to the consumer.