Mado, one of the most traditional cosmetics manufacturers of Uruguay, has developed a line with the concepts of health and sustainability, with packaging made with the Green Plastic produced by Braskem, mineral label, prepared with calcium carbonate, and a formula that counts with actives of vegetable origin, without the use of salt in the composition.

The Green Plastic produced by Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and world leader in biopolymer production comes from renewable raw material, the cane sugar. The green polyethylene is aligned to Mado’s strategy of offering friendly products, since captures the carbon dioxide  during its production process. The  packagings of green plastic were used in shampoos and conditioners of the Eco Green Line.

In addition to the flasks of renewable source, developed by the Brazilian packaging company Zandei, products come with mineral label, prepared with calcium carbonate, and a formula that has plant assets, without using salt in the composition.

“The development of the line took almost a year, but today we have the first Sulfate Free product manufactured in Uruguay, and with friendly profile with the environment. This positions the company in a very interesting way and offers added value to consumers who opt for sustainable product, “says Gabriel Luketich, of Mado.

Eco Green line has options for dyed hair and for hair that need intensive hydration. The shampoos and conditioners are already available in sale points in Uruguay.