Since no one is iron, the cosmeticos br will have a brief recess to gain energy. On the way back we can certainly offer to you our best in market information. However we will keep online some of our best stories and interviews of the semester for those who have not had time to absor,  with time  or reflection, some of the information published. Hugs to all and up the back (in early August).

Latin American market gears to evolution
International – 02/07/2011

Brazil in the route of large investors
Markets – 02/14/2011

Brazilian cosmetics market grows 12.6% in 2010 and is expected to grow 13.2% in 2011
National – 02/19/2011

A market to explore
Markets – 03/14/2011

The evolution of the Cosmetic Bases
Technology – 04/11/2011

FCE Cosmetique for many…
Technology – 05/30/2011

Pigmentation is the main cause of Brazilians to consult dermatologists and nearly 66 million people have sensible skin
Behaviour – 06/27/2011

Marc Capra, founder and partner at the brand Sol de Janeiro: “The most interesting element of this project has been to see how powerful the Brazil Brand is for consumers, retailers and investors. “

Alfredo Milano, Commercial Director of Lowell: “The result of these and other actions implemented in those three years has resulted in an increase of 60% of sales”

Marcelo Schulman, president of Vitaderm: “Only Vitaderme operates in Brazil with aesthetic professionals through this franchise system of services and products. “

Adilson Liebsch, Amyris marketing Director: “We have a partnership for development, production and marketing of molecules for various products of the fragrance market”.

Jaime Mauricio Concha, President of Chamber of the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry of Latin America – CASIC: “We still have few incentives to the innovation and many obstacles to the access to natural resources.”