In Covid-19 and quarantine times, even though it has already loosened in some countries, Yves Saint Beauté held its first global and 100% virtual party last Friday, the #YSLBeauyClubeVR, only for guests, via the Zoom platform.

Among the guests on the exclusive list limited to 1,000 people from all over the world were Tom Pecheux (@tompecheux), global beauty director of YSL Beauté, Aquaria (@ageofaquaria), Sharon Alexie (@flammedepigalle), Lena Simonne (@ lena.simonne ), Vashtie (@vashtie), Taylor LaShae (@taylorshae), Louise Verneuil (@iamlouiseverneuil) and many others, generating a constant flow of faces and each one makeup in its own way.

Makeup artist Celine Bernaerts was also present giving makeup tips and chatting with guests at the Powder Room.
Meanwhile, in the Main Room, the campaign video of the extremely sensual fragrance, the touch of the night, was shown.

During the party, DJ Louise Chen (@chchchen) animated the dance floor and the French dancer and choreographer, Brandon Miel Masele (@malboneige), held a virtual dance performance, leading everyone to dance, sing, enjoy and take a photo with one of #YSLBeautyClubVR’s special wallpapers.

It is a showcase of the new times, where virtually everything is possible.