Dove launches hydrating with self tanning

Dove launches hydrating with self tanning

Brand: Dove

Category: , Services

Release date: 03/08/2007

Dove (Unilever) introduces in the Brazilian market Dove Summer Tone, a hydrating lotion which can be applied daily on the body skin , which allows the controlled self-tanning.

The product combines two active ingredients, DHA (Dihidroxiacetona) and Eritrulose, which reacts with aminoacids of the skin cells surface to provide, according to the company, a natural, uniform and long standing tan, with hydration and suave fragrance.

Available in two versions – White skin to light dark and dark light skin to dark skin. He product can be applied daily all over the body. In five days the consumer gets a gradual tanning, without dry the skin, with desired tone control.

“The product is well succeeded in Europe, a hydrated skin does as much for the appearance as the tanning, that’s why we decided to combine both benefits in one single product”, says Natalie Kochmann, brand marketing manager.

Dove Summer Tone was tested and it is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contains sun filter, but the obtained tan doesn’t come out in the water, it disappears when the superficial cells renews naturally after some days.

The use of the self tanning avoids prejudices to the health, because it is not necessary to be exposed to the ultraviolet rays to get the desired color.

The 200g packaging is priced at $ 8.2.

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