Handmade lotion P50T of Biologique Recherche reaches the country

Handmade lotion P50T of Biologique Recherche reaches the country

Brand: Biologique Recherche

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Release date: 05/29/2015

Dr. Philippe Allouche, beauties dermatologist as Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna, launched P50T Lotion in the country, a product whose formula is processed in a handmade way.
Dr. Philippe Allouche, dermatologist of celebrity as Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna, has launched the P50T Lotion in the country, a product whose formula is processed by hand.

The basis of brand philosophy is to see the basic skin care in an optimal manner, but with actives that favor the epidermal structure, without damaging it, keeping intact their physiology, which favors a more complete and healthy treatment.

The formulation of the P50T Lotion also contains plant extracts - the horseradish extract, an important antioxidant that helps fight premature aging of the skin; The burdock root extract, rich source of minerals, helps promote cleansing of the skin; and arnica extract that has supporting action, on bruises and bruises and, associated to the strong and burdock root extract, nourishes and protects the skin.

Its composition is rich in alpha hydroxides with antiseptic and reconstructive action that results in a healthier and better hydrated skin with less pores dilated and with natural shine. The product acts as an auxiliary in the treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation, and form a natural barrier against the action of free radicals, promoting cell turnover and keeping skin youthful for longer.

Lotion P50T has a concentration of 11% of poly-alpha-hydroxyacids complex which promote potent smooth and effective exfoliation. The alpha-hydroxy acid has the function to exfoliate, moisturize, treat the skin, due to its potential humectant and more elastic which actuates within the cell, removing cell debris together with the epidermis to be replaced by new cells.

The poly-hydroxyacids are represented by gluconolactone, where a larger molecule penetrates the skin more slowly and gradually, without causing unpleasant reactions caused by other hydroxy acids. The additional wetting and gluconolactone provides emollient properties, enhancing the barrier function of the stratum corneum and increasing the skin resistance to the chemical provocation.

Available to consumers in two versions - 50ml (US $ 65,9) and 150ml (US $ 150,5) - P50T is for sale on the site and also by phone (11) 3044-2441 . This and other Biologique Recherche products can be found on the showroom of Kennzur Spa.

SAC: 11 3044-2441

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