Shiseido brings to the country its new compact protector with color

Shiseido brings to the country its new compact protector with color

Brand: Shiseido

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Release date: 06/05/2015

Shiseido´s best seller, the powder foundation UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF 35 arrives in Brazil this month bringing three new technologies and functional powders in its composition, exclusive of the brand for sun protection.

There are 9 colors with different naming of the previous version. The formula includes the actives Super-veil 360, Profense Cell, Hydro-restoring FX Complex, and powders functional Tone Correcting Powder and Texture Correcting Powder.

UV Protective Compact Foundation protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, prevents wrinkles and blemishes, covers imperfections such as melasma and acnes. It offers excellent color coverage and has moisturizing ingredients that allow lasting and natural finish any season of the year.

The base in powder is long lasting and is resistant to water, perspiration and sebum. The formula contains a powder that coats skin, strongly repelling water penetration, which allows a perfect cover and matte efect even after swimming.

The novelty of the new product compared to its previous version, Sun Protection Compact Foundation, are most advanced technologies and components that enable even greater sun protection, while protecting the skin from dehydration and leaves a perfect finish.

- Super-veil 360 - high protection: evenly distributes the sunscreen on the skin surface that is microscopically irregular, and thus, its ingredients can adhere to the surface of the skin in a homogenious way, providing a natural finish.

- Profense Cell - Protects the future of the skin beauty: It inhibits the activity of the enzyme that causes aging, the cell damage and the degeneration of DNA, preventing wrinkles and blemishes. This active is a complex of Syzygium extract, Jambos leaf, root extract of Sophora Angustifolia and Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract.

- Hydro-restoring FX complex - Protects skin dehydration suffered during the day: when the base is applied on the cutis, glycerin penetrates into the inner layers and Bio-hyaluronic acid together with aquainpool creating a veil of moisture on the surface.

The functional powders unify the tone and minimize irregular skin texture. Wwith:

Tone Correcting Powder - powder of tone correction: The formula reflects the red, yellow and blue lights, correcting blemishes and opacity, disguising imperfections. The ingredient provides the tone of uniform complexion and a natural finish.

- Texture Correcting Powder - texture correction Powder: The active minimizes visible pores and fine lines, not leaving the base weigh in complexion. Allows a regular skin texture, with an amazing finish, company says.

The new base has a new naming colors, which facilitates the identification of the ideal color for every skin tone. In the product box is possible to see by the color name the corresponding number of the old version of the product. Three new colors have been added to the previous version of the product, which had seven options.

To find out the base color on the skin, just need to combine a tone with an intensity of color (light or dark). The hues represent the type of skin tone. Beige tone is more suitable for people who have skin tone with pink background. Ivory meet people who have the skin tone with ivory background. Ochre is intended for people who have skin tone with yellow background. After identifying how best pitch, simply choose which color that suits each type of skin. Fair, Light Medium and Dark are the available color depths, from the lightest to the darkest.

To help on the choose, you can see in the diagram which old numbering corresponds to each of the new colors. For a more accurate identification, Shiseido advises the realization of color test in one of the selling points of the brand because of the new product formulation.

Preço sugerido do refil: R$ 225,00
MSRP of the case: US $ 24,4.

SAC – 0800148023

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