Natura presents new line Natura Tododia Intense for the skin care in winter

Natura presents new line Natura Tododia Intense for the skin care in winter

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 07/03/2015

Leader in body hydration, Natura developed a special line for the winter within the Natura Tododia line. The releases have different formats, exclusive formulas and intense fragrances.

In winter, with the driest days, Natura proposes to reconnect, relax the body, energize the mind and strengthen the intimate with Natura Tododia Intense, an invitation to rediscover the coldest days with pleasure, with ultrahidratantes products, intense fragrances and creamy and delicate textures, providing comfort and hydration that the body needs in winter.

Natura Tododia brings the fragrance Cherry and Hazelnut, with new Deodorant Body Spray Cologne Scented Biphasic Cherry and Hazelnut, which perfumes and moisturizes the skin, with a delicate oil, which by being spreaded on body skin, forms a protective film moisturizing and scented providing a sensation of post-bath all day. The practical packaging allows the spray to be loaded into the bag and may be reapplied during the day. (200 ml, US $ 15,90)

Natura Tododia also launched two new fragrances for the station portfolio with
algodao Envolvente (Cotton involving) and Macadamia Marcante. Both are reinterpretations of fragrances Cotton and Macadamia that are part of the portfolio of Tododia, and this winter, come back with more intensity, hydration and perfuming with olfactory notes more opulent as it demand the coldest days.

The massager cream Algodao Envolvente brings a great innovation for the brand, its packaging has a beak massager, to massage the joints that tend to get sore on colder days. Its formula nourishes, moisturizes and has ingredients that promote warming sensation, providing comfort and tranquility to the body, says the company.
In packaging of 70 ml, US $ 8.

Natura Tododia Deodorant Body Moisturizer Algodao Envolvente skin Extra Dry, strengthens, nourishes and gives the skin an ultra hydration that lasts for 36 hours. Its delicate fragrance keeps the main olfactory notes of the line of Cotton fragrance. In this version, it is more immersive and more intense, perfect for the winter. (400 ml US $ 11,8)

In Macadamia Marcante version, Natura Tododia invites to energize and brings to the portfolio a unique product to moisturize your skin: the Moisturizing Stick. Practical to load in the nécessaire and to apply in the most difficult and more parched parts of the body such as elbows, knees and heels. The Stick has formula rich in vegetable oils and shea butter. Also in the Macadamia Marcante line, the body moisturizer must be used all over the body and provides long term hydration - 36 hours. Natura Tododia Bat for parched Areas Macadamia Marcante in version 40g, has a suggested price of US $ 11,2.

Natura products are sold through direct sales - to find a dealership, SMS 28128 with Natura word - or the internet in Natura -

SAC: 0800 11 55 66

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