Avène brings to the country innovative line for dermatitis and dry skins

Avène brings to the country innovative line for dermatitis and dry skins

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Release date: 07/06/2015

An analysis of the composition of Avène Thermal Water revealed the presence of active molecules called Aqua dolomiae, that explains some of the soothing properties of the Avène Thermal Water.

This microflora is responsible for developing a unique and exclusive biotechnological active ingredient: I-modulia® first active ingredient of biotechnological Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, with exclusive patent specially suitable for the care of dry skin, the itching and atopic skin. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by in-vitro tests on the skin hyperactivity, itching and barrier self-defense of the skin, especially of children.

So the company developed Xera Calm AD, with I-modulia® in the composition of the formula, designed with minimal ingredients for maximum effectiveness and optimal tolerance. At one month of use decreases the itching by 97%, according to tests made by the company.
Xera Calm AD is available in two textures to be used according with the severity of dry skin: Cream relipidizante for moderate dryness and balm relipidizante for severe dryness.

Xera Calm AD cream is ultra-moisturizing, has rapid absorption and provides softness and prolonged comfort. Reduces itching, redness and stimulates skin defense. Restores the skin barrier and soothes irritation. The Balm offers the same properties but is more intense, for severe dryness. (both in 200ml packing for US $ 142.90) and the Bath Oil relipidizante is free of soap, protects the skin from the water drying effect, it have physiological pH, does not sting the eyes and is fragrance free. (100ml, US$ 14.81)

The Avène products are found at specialty pharmacies.

SAC: 0800 702 10 37

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