Natura Aguas launches  fragrances inspired in the sea and in the rain

Natura Aguas launches fragrances inspired in the sea and in the rain

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 07/10/2015

The contact with water soothes, refreshes and restores. Inspired by all the benefits that this element brings to the body and mind, Natura launches two versions of cologne deodorant: Natura Águas Banho de Mar (Natura bath water of Sea ) and e Natura Águas Banho de Chuva (Natura Bath Waters of Rain), both in limited edition.

The fragrances are the first of the line Natura Aguas to earn flasks with up to 20%
of recycled glass, a pioneering initiative Natura to generate positive impact on the planet and show off your unique way of making perfume.

The incorporation of recycled glass in the packaging of perfumes reduces CO2 emissions by 357 tons / year, equivalent to a common car of gasoline giving to 65 laps around the earth (displacement around 2.6 million km).

The packages also bring new guise, with a matte cover and transparent bottle, in colors inspired by the olfactory path of each fragrance.

Deodorant colony Natura Sea Bath Water brings the freshness and energy of the sea combined with a floral bouquet and citrus touches in a warm background musc and wood. Suggested price: US $ 15,24.

Deodorant colony Natura Rain Shower Water ct combines the watery freshness of a rainy day with the joy of flowers and the comfort of the woods. Suggested price: US $ 15,24.

Brand products are to be found through a Natura Consultant with the word NATURA for the number of SMS 28128 or online at Natura -

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