Prizer Cosmetics launches anti-fall line Grow Up Fast In

Prizer Cosmetics launches anti-fall line Grow Up Fast In

Brand: Prizer Cosmetics

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/01/2015

Prizer Cosmetics, a company from Goias, center of the country, has developed the line Fast In Grow Up to prevent excessive hair drop.

Formulated with Bioex, an active appointed to assist in the treatment, prevention of excessive hair drop and restoration of the hair bulb. The line also includes plant ingredients in its formula, making it smoother. It is highly moisturizing and does not have the weight of oils and silicones.

It is free of dyes and parabens and reunites substances needed in the biosynthesis of keratin (aminoácios, vitamins, minerals) which regulate the function of sebaceous gland with antiseptic action. It contains substances that improve the texture of the hair thread, stimulating agents which activate the cell metabolism and contains agents that stimulate the peripheral circulation.

The Prizer products are found in beauty salons across the country. Prices: Shampoo 310ml- US $ 11,5; Condicionador 300ml - US $ 11,5; Máscara 250g - US $ 11,5; Tônico 120ml - US $5,3.

SAC: 64) 3621-2589

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