Shiseido develops new makeup collection

Shiseido develops new makeup collection

Brand: Shiseido

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Release date: 09/04/2015

Shiseido launches this month in the country its new collection of makeup with Glow Enhancing Primer, concealer in stick Perfecting Concealer Stick and Compact base Sheer and Perfect Compact Foundation SPF 15. The line also brings new colors of Shimmering Cream Eye Color shadow . The makeup collection that combines variety of colors and high technology.

Glow Enhancing Primer SPF15 lights and regulates the face skin tone, bringing the look of natural luminosity, healthy-looking and radiant, thanks to an optical technology, besides of the peony extract, that treats the excess of sebum secretion, balancing the oiliness and Lempuyang Extract and Glycylglycine, which inhibits the production of melanin causing dark circles, dark spots and freckles. Active Glycylglycine prevents the negative effects of unsaturated fatty acids related to visible pores. (US $ 72,35)

Perfecting Concealer Stick is the new concealer in stick in five colors and five components of high technology: Bind & Fit Wax provides total adherence of the product to the skin, offering excellent coverage and natural finish. The Lipid Liquid ingredient serves to make that the concealer does not mark the face of fine lines, even after hours of use. It also offers treatment actives, such as peony extract, for excess oiliness; Lempuyang extract which inhibits melanin production and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, which moisturizes the skin. (US $ 60,95)

Sheer and Perfect Compact Foundation SPF 15, compact base in seven tones that complete the collection. The new face foundation has two major technologies, Glow Up Powder, a dust particle that fits properly to the skin, providing a natural finishing , and uniform; and Reflect & Fit Powder, sends three optical lights - green, blue and white, which disguise skin imperfections. The green light corrects the redness in the face, like acne marks; Blue corrects brown spots as those caused by the sun; white neutralizes black dots, such as carnations. (Case costs US $ 28,3 and US $ 65,6 Refill)

Shimmering Cream Eye Color is the eyeshadow in four color options: gray, green, pink and lavender. It has important actives: Smooth Fit Base provides to the eyeshadow a period of up to 16 hours without smudging or accumulate in the eyelid folds; Jewel Reflecting Powder allows a three-dimensional finish; Satin Smooth Pearl, brings ultrathin luster pigments that leave the finish smooth like silk; Hydro Super-Wrap Vitalizing DE, leaves a veil of hydration and greater fixation. The formula is waterproof and resistant to perspiration. (US $ 43,5)

SAC – 0800148023

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