Lee Stafford creates a product to dry the hair faster

Lee Stafford creates a product to dry the hair faster

Brand: Lee Stafford

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/22/2015

Lee Stafford, renowned British hairstylist, created a specific product to make the threads of adult hair dry faster.

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair FASTER Spray is formulated with a special conditioning active called MiruStyle, that improves texture of the hair surface, leaving them silky and easier to dry, and also reduces the friction of the threads, making easier the combing and the disentangling of the wet hair. The product also protects the threads against damage caused by high temperatures of the dryers, up to 220 ° C.

Lee Stafford products are distributed throughout Brazil by Frajo International Cosmetics and are on sale in selected stores.BLow DRy your HAiR FASTER SPRay - 200 ml has a suggested price - US $ 13,83.

SAC: 0800 7733450

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