La Prairie brings Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare

La Prairie brings Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare

Brand: La Prairie

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/28/2015

La Prairie Cellular Eye brings to the country Essence Platinum Rare, serum in gel, rejuvenator that combines technology and ingredient delivery systems to transform the eye area.

A combination of exclusive Cellular Complex of the brand, with wrinkle filler peptides, actives for firming and energize, tensioners, illuminators, hydrators, and antioxidants and yet Platinum Peptide component based on platinum particles combined with tetrapeptide that fight aging to help improve firmness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area and improve elasticity and skin hydration.

Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare also contains Colloidal Platinum Water to stabilize the balance of the skin, with the natural antioxidant activity of the platinum and help neutralize free radicals, restoring the balance of the skin.

Other key ingredients include Sourdough of Black Tea, to help reduce glycation, thereby allowing the skin to maintaina firm appearance; extract "White Bird of Paradise", to help recover the brightness and uniform the skin tone and dark circles, among other ingredients.

La Prairie is distributed in the country, in selective stores, by RR Perfumes. The suggested retail price for a pack of 15 ml is US $ 450,7.

SAC: 08007725500

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