Natura launches new Tez line to simplify skin care

Natura launches new Tez line to simplify skin care

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 10/22/2015

Easy to use and multifunctional, the new line Natura was made especially for those who abandoned or never had the habit of taking care of the skin face and therefore need simpler and affordable products. There are 6 products multi benefits for skins mixed to oily, normal to dry all skin types.

"Natura Tez brings into its formula the respect to facial skin pH and this is important because our skin does not have neutral pH, as many people think. It varies according to the body region. But overall, the facial skin pH - in adulthood - is slightly acid, ranging between 4.5 and 6.0. Maintaining the natural pH of the skin is to respect this balance to always have a healthy and beautiful face, "explains Joana Miranda, formulas development manager for face of Natura .

Mixed skins to oily proposes a refreshing cleansing with the Cleansing Gel Toning 3 in 1 to cleanse, tone and remove makeup by controlling the greasiness and reducing immediately the brightness of the skin. The formula contains vegetable glycerine, which has a texture easy to spread and maintains the natural pH of the skin, leaving it dry and invigorated (150ml R $ 29.90 / Refills: R $ 23.90)
The Moisturizing Matifying Protector SPF 15 / FPUVA 5 is to absorb the greasiness and to control shine with dry touch and quick absorption. It has mattifying particles to control the brightness and leave the skin with a natural look. (50g, US $ 8,93 / Refills: US $ 7,14)

For normal to dry skin proposes gentle cleansing to leave the skin nourished, moisturized and refreshed with: Creamy Soap Toning 3 in 1 to cleanse, tone and remove makeup without drying, cause it includes a high concentration of vegetable oils. (150ml, US $ 29.90 / Refills: R $ 23.90). And Nourishing Moisturizer Protector SPF 15 / FPUVA 5 which has gentle formula with cupuaçu butter and rice proteins to promote intensive moisturizing and regenerating with rapid absorption. (50g, US $ 8,93 / Refills: US $ 7,14)

For all skin types the proposal is cleansing and purification for a fresh and protected skin, with: Soap Cleansing Bar 3 in 1 that cleanses, tones and removes makeup waterproof water without drying the skin, respecting the its natural pH. (80g, US $ 3,97). The novelty of the line is the unpublished Lenço de Limpeza Dupla Face 5 em 1, a double face tissue for cleaning 5 in 1, it is developed to cleanse, exfoliate, tonify, remove the waterproof makeup and to moisturize, in one single step. The soft side of the tissue cleans and tones the skin, and remove all makeup. The exfoliating side has an innovative texture that renews skin cells and helps to eliminate all impurities and pollution waste, guarantees the company. It is suitable for use at night. (Packaging with 20 units, US $ 6,63)

"Our marketing strategy receives an investment 360 that will bring sampling, print and online media, strong communication in Sales Force and Training," says Andrea Eboli, Natura marketing director.

Natura products are marketed through direct sales, through consultants, by SMS 28128 or online at Natura -

SAC: 0800 115566

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