Sephora brings the new mask and pencil Koh by NARS

Sephora brings the new mask and pencil Koh by NARS

Brand: NARS

Category: , Services

Release date: 10/27/2015

Arrives at Sephora stores a new pair to intensify the look: the mask for eyelashes Mascara Audacious and pencil Kohliner.

Audacious Mascara allows to build in layers the desired intensity with precision. The combination of the NARS brush, which captures the lashes of the eye ends, with the lightweight formula which allows the reapplication of the mask several times a day, provides lashes thicker and elongate, without becoming heavy.
Developed with over 200 molded bristles and stretchers hooks, the elegant brush from NARS captures the lashes and spread evenly from root to tips, separating, lengthening and intensifying them at every brushstroke. The tapered tip gives finishing to the farthest corners, while optimizing the lower lashes. Adheres and glides easily.

Formula balances flexibility and durability. It is fluid and, innovative, remains soft and pliable, allowing the aplication of more and more layers. Enriched with moisturizers and conditioners that leave the lashes soft to the touch and give a satin finish without smudging or lumps. It provides long permanence and is quickly removable. In the tone Black Moon (Black) for US $ 38.

Kohliner, the kajal pencil is partner of the Audacious Mascara. Its creamy and concentrated formula, in black color and matte, allows scumbles the root of the lashes and sets the waterline accurately. The retractable design and the soft texture rich allows easy application without failure or smearing while the unique combination of polymers helps to extend the duration to maintain the look flawless. In Minorque tone (black), for US $ 123.
SAC 0800 –148023

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