RoC presents Minesol with color and pure Vitamin C

RoC presents Minesol with color and pure Vitamin C

Brand: RoC

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Release date: 11/12/2015

RoC® presents MINESOL® Actif Unify Tinted Mousse SPF 30, the first sunscreen with color and 5% pure Vitamin C of the Brazilian market. Its mousse texture of high coverage and make-up effect instantly corrects skin imperfections with touch dry, velvety and natural. To meet the different skin tones of Brazil, the product can be found in three colors: light, medium and deep.

The product protects against UVA / UVB rays while provides enhanced sun protection against visible light - emitted by the sun, lamps and eletrônicos-, contributing to the prevention of the photoaging and sun spots. The treatment of spots is one of the main reasons for visits to the dermatologist in Brazil, that´s why RoC® brings to the country the sunscreen that helps in uniformiztion of the skin tone.

The launch has a 5% pure Vitamin C in unprecedented format, that protects the component from degradation and keeps it active throughout the life of the product. The challenge of the brand's scientists was to develop a formula without water to ensure the integrity of Vitamin C, preventing oxidation. "The packaging was designed to hold 100% of the performance to the last drop of the product. Therefore, the tube is laminated and protected from external factors that degrade vitamin C, such as oxygen, moisture and light, "says the scientist RoC®, Cristina Vendruscolo.

According to Director of Marketing of the sunscreen brands, beauty and baby of Johnson & Johnson Consumption of Brazil, Juliana Sztrajtman, Brazilian women are among the most vain of the world but even so, they seek to optimize their daily routine with the help of products multifunctionals. "The MINESOL® ActifUnifyTinted Mousse SPF 30 was developed for this consumer profile that seeks real benefits for the skin, as well as practicality and functionality. It is a multifunctional product that protects, helps brighten and uniformize out skin tone, "adds the executive.

The launch will reach the Brazilian market already with the new visual identity of the brand and will be available from November 2015 in the great whole country of pharmacy chains, the price US $ 20,85, the 40g packing.

SAC: 0800 703 63 63

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