Natura launches first line of fragrances monothemes of the country

Natura launches first line of fragrances monothemes of the country

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 11/12/2015

'This Flower' is the new line of Natura fragrances, first of Brazil with fragrances monothemas - which highlights a single raw material. It combines the sophistication and simplicity of the finest ingredients of the world perfumery.

With 'This Flower', Natura went to the source of the most iconic flowers of the world perfumery - Rosa Damascena, Bulgaria, and Iris, France - to create two unique fragrances. "We want to present a more contemporary interpretation and Brazilian to classic and noble ingredients of the fragrance world," says the director of Global Unity brand, Denise Coutinho.

'This Flower Rose' brings the essential oil of Rose Damasceno, "the maxim rose of the rose" directly from Bulgaria, more perfumed and with fruity characteristic in evidence.
" This Flower Rose is a monothem fragrance in which all other involved olfactory notes have the sole function of helping to highlight all rose nuances of the Rosa Damasceno," says the exclusive Natura perfumer Veronica Kato, responsible for creating the collections, in partnership with the fragrance house Symrise - and its perfumer Isaac Sinclair. "The fragrance 'This Flower Rose' is gradually revealed, from the delicacy of the petal to the fragrance of the flower core, remaining on the skin for more than 12 hours. So we have all the sophistication and richness of Rose Damasceno combined to the elegance of the woods, "added Veronica.

For the second fragrance of the collection 'This Flower', Iris brings the combination of a stylish, fresh bouquet of citric and woods that further enhance the refinement of the Iris. With rare and striking features, the iris essential oil is obtained every six years. The first three years of flower and its rhizome cultivation and three years of maturation and then "the purest Iris of the Iris" have its essential oil extracted.

To translate the fragrances, Natura brings to the collection a flask of simple and straight lines, without excessive details in a neutral color to highlight what's inside: the essence of each fragrance. To translate the essence and depth features on its packaging an X-ray of the flowers. As their central visual element, invites to discover the beauty of the nuances of each flower - and, by analogy, of every woman. The beauty from inside and outside together.

The panache valve is a differential of the fragrances collection: when activated, delivers dried microparticles, which form a smooth and uniform cloud, increasing the adherence of the perfume to the skin.

Both fragrances have 75 ml packaging and have suggested price: US $ 41,2 each.

Natura products can be found with a Natura Consultant, sending the word Natura for the number of SMS 28128 or by Natura on through Rede Natura (Natura Net at the Internet)

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