Adcos launches REduxcel Cryo Slim to reduce cellulite and fatness

Adcos launches REduxcel Cryo Slim to reduce cellulite and fatness

Brand: Adcos

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/22/2016

Adcos, national brand of dermocosmetic products, has expanded its line of body care products Reduxcel to combat cellulite and localized fat burn with the launching now of Reduxcel Cryo Slim.

Developed with pure caffeine, recognized for its effectiveness in fatness burn and yet camphor and menthol, which favours the cooling of the skin, intensifying the process of measures reduction. Contains Scopariane® and plant extracts that stimulate microcirculation and act synergistically to combat cellulite and localized fat.

Reduxcel Crio Slim is especially suitable for people who practice physical activities to use before training, speeding up the results. Treatments based on Cryotherapy technique that uses low temperatures for aesthetic procedures and therapeutic in the skin, such as Criolipólise, are potentialized with the help of this product. The gel texture provides quick absorption by the skin.

The novelty is available in all stores of the brand, as well as in its e-commerce and at Unit of New Business of the brand, for US $ 39.

SAC: 0800 722 1123

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