Jequiti launches male scent Force 2.0

Jequiti launches male scent Force 2.0

Brand: Jequiti

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/25/2016

After the launch of Force in 2014, Jequiti a company of the SS group, brings version 2.0, with male scent Force 2.0, featuring the same adventurous style and explorer of Force, but distinguished by freshness and olfactory combination.

The new men's cologne is inspired by determined and confident men, it is exotic and sophisticated. It has olfactory path Elegant Wood, with refreshing top notes as limes, plum, bergamot and apple. The counterpoint is in the spices of the body notes, with cinnamon, jasmine, rose and cardamom. The base notes are sensual - amber, vanilla, musk and cedar.

The strength and determination of the Force 2.0 man are highlighted on the bottle design, in glass and referring the masculine back. The modern touch appears on the nameplate with the name of the colony, with the logo in orange above it.

The new male fragrance Jequiti is available in the 100 ml version with promotional launch price of US $ 17 and can be purchased through the 210 thousand consultants across the country.

SAC 0800 776 7575

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