O Boticario brings the inspiration of Indian beauty in a new line of Nativa SPA

O Boticario brings the inspiration of Indian beauty in a new line of Nativa SPA

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 02/25/2016

The silky hair and perfect skin of Indian women inspired O Boticario to develop the new line Nativa Spa Therapy Indian oils, with a portfolio of eight products to care for hair and body.

The line has been formulated with typical ingredients of India, noticeable in the texture and fragrance. "The Wake Marigold brings floral jasmine creaminess, the spicy freshness of cardamom and the exotic and engaging touch of Davana of India, one of the traditional offerings in rituals to Lord Shiva, the deity of transformation," explains the category manager Personal Care of The Apothecary, Aline Mori.

The line consists of hair oil, shampoo, conditioner and leave-in all products based on oils, as to leave hair silky, the Indian women cultivate the habit, passed from mother to daughter, of hydrate them with oils.

The hair oil, for example, was developed with amla extract (Indian plant source of vitamin C, with nutritional properties) and Omega 6, which help in the replacement of the hair strands lipids creating a lubricating layer to prevent loss of components. Product combats aging of threads, which affects the hydration, nutrition, shine and softness. Can be used before washing the hair, as treatment for restoring the hair mass or after as finisher and repairer. (R $ 54.99)

Shampoo (R $ 29.99) and conditioner (R $ 31.99) also fight the signs of hair aging because they nourish and reduce porosity. And leave-in (US $ 32.99), besides complement the cycle of benefits, provides thermal protection and UV filter.

Skin also gets four special beauty items like exfoliating honey, cream for hands and feet, the shower gel and massage oil made with nutritious ingredients, oils and spices.

Honey Scrub (R $ 51.90), is enriched with honey extract and Himalayan salt - emollients and moisturizers agents. It provides a moderate skin and exfoliation to remove impurities while hydrating. The Cream for Hands and Feet (R $ 34.99) nourishes for 30 hours and restores nails without damaging the enamel. The Shower Gel (R $ 29.99) provides creamy foam while bathing leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated. Highlight to the Hot Body Massage Oil (R $ 45.99), which heats the skin during application and can be used for massage or in the bath. Ensures hydration for 30 hours, company says.

The Nativa Spa of Indian Oil Therapy products line are available in O Boticario stores, e-commerce and resellers.

SAC: 0800-413011

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