Mary Kay launches Fearless collection of fragrances

Mary Kay launches Fearless collection of fragrances

Brand: Mary Kay

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Release date: 03/02/2016

Inspired by the history of its founder, Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay launches in Brazil the collection of Fearless fragrance that celebrates women of courage who achieve and share their successes, loves entirely and that go after their dreams.

The new line has three Deo Parfum fragrances to tell these stories: Live, Love and Dream. Live Fearlessly ™ Deo Parfum represents the determination and the strength of these women. It is Floral Woody with effervescent top notes. In contrast, presents a rich body of floral, feminine and delicate notes. It is the yellow bottle fragrance.

Love Fearlessly ™ Deo Parfum reflects a fluid heart and abstract, represented by its exclusive cover and its multi-faceted flask. From the Olfactory family Floral Gourmand brings joyful output notes as Rosa Baie and cardamom, and a striking floral body involved by woody notes. A construction that represents the ability that this woman have of loving, in a gentle way and at the same time strong . It is the fragrance of dark pink bottle.

Dream Fearlessly ™ Deo Parfum brings in its opening notes nuances between energizing sensations transmitted by the Italian bergamot and the femininity of the May Rose. Its body is marked by a unique floral with ingredients such as Patchoulli blossom, cedar and benzoin from Laos. Also important to compose the story, the cover, with its prominent tip, represents the how far this woman may reach for realize her desires. It is the green bottle of fragrance to symbolize hope, encouraging the woman to aim high.

The three fragrances has 50 ml version and cost US $ 46 each. The Mary Kay products are sold through direct sales with the brand resellers.

SAC: 0800 16 31 13

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